Haunted Houses: The house as a metaphor for the mind in Hannibal

Originally posted on Nothing Here is Vegetarian:
In Hannibal, houses reflect their residents’ identities and are imprinted with their presence. More than that, spaces are transformed into something more than a sum of dimensions in physical reality. They become visual metaphors for their residents’ minds. The house as the mind Will’s house in Wolf Trap…

Peace in the Pieces Disassembled: Deconstructing Hannibal, Part V

 V. Someday, perhaps a teacup may come together There is a passage in the novel Hannibal where Hannibal watches A brief history of time and listens to Stephen Hawking talking about the thermodynamic/cosmological arrow of time and entropy: “You may see a cup of tea fall off of a table and break into pieces on […]