Haunted Houses: The house as a metaphor for the mind in Hannibal

Nothing Here is Vegetarian

In Hannibal, houses reflect their residents’ identities and are imprinted with their presence. More than that, spaces are transformed into something more than a sum of dimensions in physical reality. They become visual metaphors for their residents’ minds.

The house as the mind

Will’s house in Wolf Trap is isolated, in the middle of an empty field, away from the city and close to nature. It is humble and unassuming, filled with his surrogate family of strays. It is simple and practical. In Aperitif and Potage, Will seems eager to return to it, away from the horrors of working for Jack Crawford.

haunted1“It,s really the only time I feel safe”,Oeuf, 1×04

And then everything changes.

Hannibal Lecter is standing outside Will Graham’s house. He peeks through the window. He opens the door effortlessly. He is in. Will invited him into his house as a friend and into…

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