Hollowed Be Thy Book.

There’s this facebook page on all things books/reading, So little sleeping and so much reading, that I absolutely adore -I’ m sure I ‘ve mentioned it many times before.

It just published a post on a hollowed book and made me search the web for more on the geeky subject.

The first thing that struck me was that there are 1160 items in the Etsy search for hollowed books!

Some interesting designs from the Etsy Hollowed Books

(If you want more information, or think of purchasing one of the book cases/clutches posted here, click on the titles or the images below):

Alice In Wonderland

aliceinwonderland aliceinwonderland2

The Return of Sherlock Holmes

sherlock sherlock2

The Lone Star Ranger

lonestar lonestar2

1956 Reader’s Digest

readersdigest readersdigest2


dracula dracula2


(flask included!)

sinatra sinatra2

There were also some very expensive vintage book clutch designs on Etsy:

Spring Moon


Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea


The Swiss Family Robinson


Visit The Conduit Press 

on Etsy for more of these beautiful vintage book clutches.

Besides  Etsy, there are many other sites where you can purchase hollowed books, like:

Secret Storage Books

The Secret Storage Books has 3 shops: traditional, premium, and antique.

The History of Chocolate



Romeo And Juliet



Lord of the Rings



Hockey Legends

hockey hockey2

Free Hollow Books

I saved this for last because it made me laugh so hard. First of all, the word “free” in “Free Hollow Books” means “very expensive, actually”.

Secondly, I found that there is a category of hollowed book cases for guns in this site.

“Ultra stealthy cases to hold your firearm. Meticulously designed and crafted. *Not intended as everyday storage in homes with children. * FHB recommends that you get a concealed carry permit and take a firearms training course.”

The most hilarious thing was that in this hollowed book cases for firearms category I found one of my favourite books: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy. According to the Free Hollow Books site, “a mid-sized Glock fits perfectly” in this one.

Finally, for those not interested in buying a hollowed book, but open to the idea of creating one themselves, I stumbled upon this WikiHow to Make a Hollow Book,

video instructions included,

and this  Guide on How to Hollow out a Book in 80 easy steps.

  I’m going to try it,

and fail miserably, of course!


2 thoughts on “Hollowed Be Thy Book.

  1. i also found some, other, instructions on making clutches from books
    and for the past week i have been in a mission to find which book i would do (i felt so bad for the poor books being gutted like this)
    (alas) last night i found my perfect book and i plan on going for it 🙂

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