Artsy Fartsy: For Science, You Monsters.



Science + Art = Wonder.

It is known.

So, here’s some artsy – fartsy, sciency stuff I’ve picked for you today. Enjoy!

[In this post you can click on the titles or the images to visit the original sources]

This is Not a Neo-Impressionistic Painting

It is a photography of connective tissue cells, co-transduced with fluorescent proteins.

Connective tissues, co-transduced with fluorescent proteins. By Dr. Maniela Malide.

Connective tissues, co-transduced with fluorescent proteins. By Dr. Maniela Malide.

Also, check out this amazing “Life Under the Microscope” Digital Imaging Competition.

Manga Farming

Biology Meets Art : Plant sprouts growing inside manga comics.

4-books indoor-farming manga-farming-radish-sprout

A Chandelier Made from Petri Dishes

You can actually grow bacteria within the petri dishes. This way the light emanating from the chandelier changes and evolves as the bacteria grow!


Neurons Painted In Japanese Sumi-e Style

In an interview with The Beautiful Brain, the neuroscience PhD student and artist Greg Dunn talks about his fascination with how neurons connect “giving rise to a strange sense of “I” that is able to ponder and learn things about its environment….

It is an utter miracle, and is at the root of why we are conscious beings able to appreciate this world and all of its beauty. How can you not love it?!”



A Graphic Novel Biography of Nicola Tesla

Check out this Kickstarter project!

“A 64 pg graphic novel for teens & adults on the wondrous life of Nikola Tesla: Inventor, visionary, & unsung scientific genius.”


Abstract Paintings Inside Petri Dishes

“Klari Reis Creates an Explosively Colorful Abstract Painting Inside a Petri Dish Each Day”


petri-5 petri-6 petri-4 petri-3



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