For the hardcore Portal fan.

Ok, I admit that the title of this post is kinda misleading. If you are a hardcore Portal fan, then you already know all the geeky little things I am about to post here. Nevertheless, if you consider yourself a true fan I am sure you will enjoy this.

[click on the images if you want to visit the original sources]

Portal Merch

Valve Store

The Original Portal Merch includes posters, t-shirts, bookends, iPhone cases, plush companion cubes and other nerdy stuff. You can visit the Valve Store for more merch.


Portal Bookends


Turret iPhone Gelaskin


Aperture iPhone Gelaskin


Weighted Companion Cube Plush


Weighted Companion Cube Tribute T-shirt

Apart from the original Portal Merch from Valve, the Internet is crammed with Portal t-shirts, mugs, posters, plush companion cubes and turrets, and all kinds of awesome little thingies you could buy.

The t-shirts

fig,baby_blue,mens,ffffff fig,heather_grey,mens,ffffff.2 fig,red,mens,ffffff.u2 fig,royal_blue,mens,ffffff fig,slate,mens,ffffff

Visit Red Bubble for more designs.

Other designs I like:


Jinx’s The Cake is a Lie.


Ript Aparel’s Mad Men Portal

Portal 2 - Aperture 1940's T-Shirt Video Game

Think Geek’s 1940’s Aperture Logo


Think Geek’s Test Candidate Hoodie


Are you Still There?

Other Merch


Aperture Science Mug by Think Geek


Plush Turret by Think Geek


Portal 2 Miniature Replica Portal Gun, by Think Geek

GLADOS Plushes

GLADOS Plushes

Portal 2 Aperture ipad Sleeve

Portal 2 Aperture iPad Sleeve

Portal Cookie Cutters

Portal Cookie Cutters

Five Portal Test Chamber Warning Icons Necklace

Five Portal Test Chamber Warning Icons Necklace

Inter Spatial Earrings

Inter Spatial Earrings

The Comic

The graphic novel Portal 2: Lab Rat , created by established comic artists, such as Michael Avon Oeming and Jay Pinkerton, depicts the events between the end of Portal and the beginning of Portal 2.

It is the story of the schizophrenic employee of Aperture Science, Doug Rattman,


who survived GLADOS‘ attempt to murder every employee in the Aperture Science facilities with neurotoxin,  witnessed Chell’s final test and tried to rescue her after she was abducted by the Party Escort Bot. A must-read for every Portal fan.


Click on the image to read the graphic novel

Short Films and Music Videos

Chell in the Rain


Chell in the Rain

While I was writing this post I was listening to a mashup of rain sounds and the Easter Egg Exile/Vilify song by the National.

You can listen to the awesome mashup here.

It is for this same song that a music video contest was held. The first place was awarded to the following two music videos

And the second place to this one:

Fan Art


Portal by McGibs on DevianART


Steampunk Portal


Life inside the Companion Cube

Portal 2 Chess

Portal 2 Chess

Portal 2

Portal 2

Portal 2:  Seventy Style Poster

Portal 2: Seventy Style Poster

Finally, Aperture R & D, a new live action comedy Portal- themed web series will premiere on March 15. Check out the trailer:

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