Artsy Fartsy: Dance, Dance, Dance!


I wanted to write this post for a long time, and I kept postponing it, because I knew this would take time and effort, and I am too lazy and prone to procrastination, and incapable of any kind of commitment, and … yeap, I think you get the point.

The truth is I don’t know that much about modern  dance. All I know is that I love watching other people dance, and I feel awe and envy for all those who have chosen a career as dancers.

Today’s Artsy Fartsy post is a compilation of some of my most favourite modern dance choreographies, movies, documentaries, and web series. I will also provide a list of useful links on dance companies and blogs for those who want to watch online or download choreographies, movies etc.
Just a heads up: this is going to be a long post of youtube videos, mostly. Don’t expect a review or critical comment on each video. As I’ve already mentioned I’m no expert. It’s just stuff that I ‘ve watched and liked and now want to share with you.

1. So You Think You Can Dance
I haven’t really watched the reality programme because I get easily bored with reality shows and competitions and all that. I usually watch the choreographies and fast-forward the rest. And I’ve stopped watching the show a long time ago, so the choreographies I’ ve chosen might be a bit out-dated.

2. Choros
I don’t know if this qualifies as  “dance”, really; but I thought the video was mesmerising and I couldn’t pass on the idea of including it in this post.

3. Blush
Vandekeybus is without question my favourite choreographer of all times – for reasons I explain in this earlier post on his work. This “standing on hands” choreography from the movie “Blush”is one of his best works, in my humble opinion.

If you are interested in browsing more of his work you can check out the Ultima Vez site. Also, I strongly recommend watching the entire “Blush” movie.

4. Amelia
I ‘ve watched this a thousand times and not once have I managed to take my eyes off the first dancer. I love everything about it. The dance, the photography, the cinematography, the music, all is perfect in this performance , which is part of the movie”Amelia’, created and performed by the dance company La La La Human Steps.

You can browse the La La La Human Steps site here for more information on the dance company. I haven’t managed to watch the entire movie yet, but I promise to come back with an update as soon as I get to it.
5. Pina
I will not dare say a word about  Pina Bausch.
I will only urge you to watch Wim Vender’s documentary.

6.The legion of extraordinary dancers
The Legion Of extraordinary Dancers (LXD) is a web series created by  Jon M. Chu (STEP UP 3D) about  the journey of seemingly ordinary people who discover they have extraordinary powers and must choose their place in an epic war between good and evil. All of the choreography and stunts are real; there are no special effects, wire work, or green screens. If you like street dance and superhero/supervillain comics stuff, I guarantee that you will love this one.
Check out the trailers for season 1 and 2

My favourite performance on LXD so far is the one where Elliott Hoo discovers a pair of magical shoes with a personality of their own:

You can stream the series here.

7.Girl Walk//All Day

“Girl Walk//All Day follows three dancers across New York City. They turn the city’s sidewalks, parks and architecture into an evolving stage as they spread their joy of movement”.

Because  the streets of New York were made for dancing.

You can watch the film here.

8. Rootless Root

RootlessRoot Company was founded by Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Frucek -both former leader dancers in the Ultima Vez dance company-  in 2006 in Athens.

You can visit the Rootless Root site for further information.

9.Wayne Mc Gregor

A TED talk by Wayne McGregor on the choreographer’s creative process

and some excerpts from his work.


This Contact Improvisation piece is choreographed by Damien Jalet and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, and
performed by Alexandra Gilbert and Damien Jalet.

You can watch the same couple dancing in this better quality music video “You don’t know love” by Editors.

For more information on Damien Jalet’s works visit this site.

11. 2

I wanted to give you a small taste of dance theatre, too; for this reason I chose the most well-known greek dance theatre performance : “2”  by Dimitris Papaioannou.

You can watch the entire performance here:

12. Pilobolus

The Pilobolus performances are characterised by an emphasis on the physical interactions between the bodies of the performers, by exaggerations and contortions of the human form, and by their bizarre imagery.

Visit the Pilobolus Dance Company site for more information.

13. Useful Links

If you love contemporary/modern/pop/postmodern dance you should definitely visit the Contemporary Dance Video Database and the UbuWebDance. You ‘ll be amazed by the amount of video material that you ‘ll find there.


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