MY EMOTIONS! : Last week’s favourite picks.


I decided that I like the idea of grouping my posts, like I did with the  Artsy- Fartsy ones. Also, I can never resist the opportunity to use a Community reference. So, in this case it’s a win-win.

Without further ado, I present to you my brand new MY EMOTIONS!  category, with links to things that moved me in some kind of way.

Last week it was :

  • A Girl who is not Afraid to Ask

Amanda Palmer’s very sweet, joyful  and honest TED speech on crowdsourcing and “the art of asking” is one of the most inspiring things I ‘ve watched recently.

“Thank you. I see you”

“Nobody sees me. Thank you.”

  • An Old Couple’s Reunion

I am not a great fan of gifs, but this one I loved.

The gifs are taken from a documentary on Marina Abramović’s latest  project The Artist is Present. Frank Uwe Laysiepen, aka Ulay, was her lover and collaborator in many of her performance art projects from 1976 to 1989. In 1988 they  decided to end their relationship by making the spiritual journey of walking the Great Wall of China . They started from the two opposite ends, met in the middle, and said their last goodbye.

In 2010 Marina and Ulay met again.

I strongly recommend watching the entire documentary.

  • Pork Chops and Karate Chops

… and a husband’s love for his bullied and abused wife: A heartbreaking anti-bullying animation poem by Shane Koyczan.

  • And  A little bit of Stardust…

But enough with all the sorrow and the drama. Let’s cry some tears of joy now!

Dutch director Mischa Rozema celebrates the legacy of the Voyager 1 by combining real NASA footage, science fiction imagery and a beautiful post-rock soundtrack.



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