Artsy Fartsy: Adorable Little Fobots

adoptabots fly

cutest couple ever

Most women dream of the ideal guy with whom they will create the perfect family. I never wanted any children, I am perfectly content with watching my nephews and nieces grow up,   trying to be a role model and a geeky influence in their lives, sharing my love for all kinds of  fandoms, science, music,  books and games and comics with them. I get all the joy and almost none of the responsibilities being “the cool aunt” and that’s just fine by me.

Yes, I am a very immature person. Most people are.

At least I am mature enough to admit that I am immature.

So, I never wanted any children and most probably  will never want any in the future. But I have observed that I have developed a rudimentary kind of motherly instincts, like my love for Found Objects Bots, like Adopt-a-Bots, Fobots,  and Nerbots.

Fobots (Found Objects Bot)  are sculptures made by objects found anywhere and assembled in such a way that  the look like robots. The most famous fobot is WALL-E.


My love for Fobots started about 4 years ago, when I first found out about Adopt-a-Bots. I fell in love with them immediately. It think it was mostly the idea of “adopting” these cute little thingies that attracted me. For the past 4 years I’ve been checking out Brian Marshall’s  (creator of Adopt-a-Bots) blog, his facebook page and his Flickr account for new designs. I ‘ve never bought one, because they are rather expensive for me. I believe that one day I will meet the ideal guy, someone funny and smart and kinda geeky, but not too geeky, someone who doesn’t want children, but is open to the idea of us adopting a cute little bot together. You see, all women have a romantic notion of the future, even us awkward, antisocial freaks and geeks.

[Clicking on the images below will take you to  Brian Marshall’s Flickr account]

4878697049_595bdbd24b_b adoptabot 1 adoptabot 2 adoptabot 3 adoptabot 4 adoptabot 5 adoptabot 6  adoptabots 8  adoptabots 10

I didn’t know about the Fobots site until very recently.  I think I like them even more than Adopt-a-Bots, because they are a bit cuter and girlier.  There is no way I could ever afford one, of course, but I like browsing through the site, the facebook page, and this awesome Pinterest board.

[Clicking on the images below takes you to the Fobots site]

fobot 1


fobot 2

Sweet pea (I think this one’s my favourite)

fobot 4


fobot 5

Fairy Botmother 8.0

fobot 6

Stanley Steampunk

Nest-O-Matic 3000

Nest-O-Matic 3000

The only ones I might consider buying one day are the Babybots.

Babybots are cheaper because they are smaller.  They come in a tin gift

box and include a 30″ ball chain that can be easily shortened. But the best part is that the all open up to reveal their hearts inside. *awww*

You can follow/read Ammy Flynn‘s , creator of Fobots, wordpress blog here.

babybot_blackstones1 babybot_fish1 babybot_laymons1

Nerdbots are created by a married couple, Nicholas and Angela from Kansas City, Missouri. I wasn’t so impressed with their designs, at least not as impressed as I was with Ann Flynn’s creations,

[Clicking on the images below takes you to the Nerbots site]

nerdbot 1 nerdbot 2 nerdbot 3

but I really liked their t-shirts merch!

An FYI for my Greek readers: I was recently informed that there is a Greek artist, named Vasilis Mpatsilas, whose work resembles a lot these fobots. You can check out his artwork here.

Some Useful Links for Fobot Lovers:

Adopt-a-bot blog.

Adopt-a-bot on Flickr.

Adopt-a-bot on Facebook.

Adopt-a-bots on Google Search Images.

Fobots site

Fobots WordPress Blog

Fobots on Facebook


Nerdbots T-Shirt Merch

Nerdbots Blog


One thought on “Artsy Fartsy: Adorable Little Fobots

  1. I started making Fobots 2 months ago. No website yet. You can see my first twenty on Pinterest.
    “Fobots by Mike” Thanks, Mike Danley, Ft. Myers, FL.

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