Elysium Online: A graphic novel about a revolutionary social network that lets you interact with your dead loved ones.

As I have already mentioned I am not really into blogging. I mostly did this for the Balloons theme (Whaaat? It’s adorable…), but I think I may post things from time to time,  if I find it absolutely necessary. Today, I find it’s necessary to write something about a project that may or may not come true, but a project that I am already in love with, nonetheless.  I decided to write this in english in order to attract as many readers as possible, so please bear with me, because I haven’t had the chance to write anything in english for such a long time, and it is getting kinda rusty.

Elysium Online is the  full color, 96 page graphic novel that Greek comic artist Ilias Kyriazis is currently working on, and has launched an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for. Elysium Online takes place in 2021. It is a revolutionary social network that gives you the opportunity to interact with your deceased loved ones, who exist in a digital afterlife. It is a story about the living trying to cheat death by keeping the dead close and  interacting with them. And it is a story about the dead hating the living just for being alive, and waiting for the October 2021 official release of Elysium in order to take over the internet and use anything with net access in order to wipe them out.

To me, Elysium Online is  Caprica’s V-World meets Every Zombie/Undead Apocalyptic story ever told, and I say this with gleeful joy, since I loved both the V-World storyline in Caprica and, of course, all things zombie/undead, and/or with a dystopian/apocalyptic sci-fi element. Ilias promises that it’s going to be a “sci-fi, horror drama that is as much about the way society deals with mortality as it is about disaster movie type mass destruction.”

Oh what fun!

I know I’m going to love it storywise, but what attracted me at first to Elysium was the amazing artwork that Ilias and his fellow comic artists have already produced for this graphic novel. I don’t really know that much about comics, and you will not see me pretending that I do, but I find the artwork absolutely brilliant. And, since I am no expert, you can take a look at the first 12 pages of Elysium Online and tell me if I’ve got it wrong.

I hope we all agree that 20$ for a 96 page graphic novel with such beautiful artwork is a pretty good deal.  In an interview he gave to Zach Smith of Newsarama, Ilias explained the reasons why he decided to use a crowdfunding platform: “I had difficulty finding the right publisher. Not mainstream enough for some, too mainstream for others. The more I looked into it the more attractive crowdfunding looked. Also, after a series of work-for-hire projects I wanted to… reconnect with the readers, if that makes sense. To get my hands dirty and to do everything myself and have no one come between me and the reader.”

I sincerely hope that this crowdfunding campaign for his dream/project will be successful, and I will soon have my own printed version of Elysium Online in my hands.


2 thoughts on “Elysium Online: A graphic novel about a revolutionary social network that lets you interact with your dead loved ones.

  1. It was the least I could do (wish I had more money so that I could buy a more expensive pack). May the Force be with you, Ilias, επίσης, στο είπα, θα λυσσάξω αν δεν το διαβάσω αυτό το κόμικ! 😛 (βγήκε η Ελληνίδα από μέσα μου, δεν άντεξε)

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