Elysium Online: A graphic novel about a revolutionary social network that lets you interact with your dead loved ones.

As I have already mentioned I am not really into blogging. I mostly did this for the Balloons theme (Whaaat? It’s adorable…), but I think I may post things from time to time,  if I find it absolutely necessary. Today, I find it’s necessary to write something about a project that may or may not […]

Pinkie-Perfect’s adorable Doctor Who fan art.

If you are like me, interested in all things Doctor Who that is (and I will presume that you are, cause what got you here is that Doctor Who tag), you surely spend a lot of time browsing through Doctor Who fan art galleries in DevianART. I think Pinkie-Perfect‘s fan art is adorable, don’t you? […]

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Locke & Key is a mystery/horror comic series by Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son, the resemblance is apparent), which i truly believe it to be cursed or something. Studios have been interested in this wonderfully creepy story about the Locke family moving to the Key house/mansion type, which in a…